FOOSBALL: Ready to Rumble?



Carson Hupka cheering on his foosball team.

By J. Feistner

Polson Middle School hosted an extreme tournament of foosball …the day before the winter break. The teams were split up by advisory classes and fifth grade teachers had two teams. The teams were then split up into brackets corresponding to their grade.

The materials used to build the arena were either donated or funds were used from the Polson Education Scholarship Foundation received by Mrs. Hinman, school counselor. Shop teacher, Mr. Mills, and his skilled team of shop students built every piece of the arena and assembled it in the middle of the gym floor the night before the tournament.

On December 21, 2019, the games began! The eighth graders began at 8:40 a.m. and teams fought it out until one team remained. ELA teacher Ms. Kain’s Foos Ballers came out victorious for the eighth grade and moved on to the championship rounds. The seventh graders began around 10:10 a.m. When all was said and done, Mr. Burke’s Blues won their way to the championship rounds. A little later at around 12:05 p.m., the sixth graders kicked off their matches. After a few crushing defeats and miracle comebacks later, the Dalbey Saltines came out on top and moved into the championship games. Last, but definitely not least, were the newbies, the youngsters, the rookies, the fifth graders. They started their rounds at 1:35 p.m. and Roger’s Elves took the crown and moved on to the championship. After almost a full day of intense, nail biting games, everyone joined to see the much anticipated championship rounds. Four teams remained. Who would come out victorious? The first game was between the fifth grade Roger’s Elves and sixth graders from Dalbey’s Saltines.. The Elves were eliminated by the Saltines and the victors moved onto the next round. The battle between seventh graders, Burke’s Blues, and eighth graders, Kain’s Foos Ballers, soon followed. After a little resistance from the opposing side, the Foos Ballers put an end to the Blues’ playoff hopes. Finally, the championship, foosball Super Bowl, the final two. For total underdogs, the sixth graders put up a good fight, but the Foos Ballers were dominant once again.